Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour. Ephesians 5:1-2

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Family Christmas 2018

Hello to all, and Happy Spring! We said we would start traveling on December 1st and we did until now. Again we have seen some amazing things and we have met some amazing people also. Oh yeah, and KatyDid got married!

Well, I think I will have to break up this blog up in to multiple parts, since we have seen so much. So here we go.

We started out by going to one of our favorite places for Christmas, Branson, MO. We started by going to a few shows. First the Dixie Stampede where to food is always great and the action is even better. Second we went to the Sight and Sound theater where the play the Miracle of Christmas was showing. If you have not been to a Sight and Sound theater before, you should put it on your bucket list now. Then of course we went to Silver Dollar City where there are shows behind every door, and roller coasters to ride between them. Silver Dollar City is an 1800's themed park with people dressed in period dress and others preparing the most amazing food, which fills the park with the smells of pure bliss. Did I forget to mention that the park was called the most illuminated park on earth by USA Today. It has over 12 million lights. We finished up our visit by going to SIX and finally taking a dinner cruise on the Showboat Branson Belle.
The family on deck of the Showboat

Katlyn enjoying the beauty

Then we were headed to Alabama and on to South Carolina. We spent a few days there and then headed to Nebraska for Christmas! Nothing really eventful happened during this time, because we were visiting with family and friends.

Captain loves the Nebraska winter.
So does the Subie

Now the trip back to Colorado via Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming simply because we had not been to these states yet. So, we finally made it to Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands of South Dakota. Absolutely Awesome! I am sure the Badlands are nice in the Summer but in the winter with snow on them they were Outstanding. The bighorn sheep and Barbary sheep were like pets almost. We almost had both parks to ourselves also because not too many people go to these places in the winter. I will stop this section here and pick back up in January.

The Badands

Only one state left

Almost home but just for a short time.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Travel Time Again!


LDS temple

What is she looking at?

 Our chariot for the day

The Great Salt Lake

It is TRAVEL time again! We don't officially go on vacation until 12/01, but we did have to make a quick trip to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is a unique place and a beautiful place. We surely enjoyed the shopping and visiting the LDS historical sites, and the people were pretty friendly. Here are some pics of our quick trip.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Morning Drive

We went out for a morning drive while KatyDid was still sleeping. We drove down the Highway of Legends (Colorado State HWY 12) to Cuchara Pass. This is one beautiful winter morning here in Colorado.

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Travelling We Have Gone

I can't believe it is already February 2017! It seems we have not been keeping up our blog very well, because the last post was almost a year ago. It has now been almost 3 years since we started our walk across America and 16 months since we finished it. Wow, how time flies! Well, we have been busy with many things, such as finishing the season at the Bar NI ranch in Stonewall, CO. After the season was finished in late November, 2016 we decided to travel again, but this time in a car.
We ended up traveling over 16,000 miles through 15 states! We visited Branson, MO and Silver Dollar City during Christmas time. Silver Dollar City alone has over 5 million lights and 1000 trees decorated for Christmas! This has been a family tradition for many years,

A quick stop at Mammoth Springs in Arkansas

A Christmas Carol on stage at Silver Dollar City

We also visited the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE. The zoo has been ranked the #1 zoo in the world. If you are ever near Omaha it is well worth the visit. We visited many cities including, Savannah, GA, St, Augustine, FL and New Orleans, LA. We spent a week in Walt Disney World and a day on Avery Island, LA where Tabasco hot sauce is made. We have been on beaches in Galveston, TX, Pencacola, FL, and Daytona, FL. We have touched and fed dolphins and eaten foods that were 
great and not so great.


So after dining with princesses in Disney and watching our wallet in New Orleans and everything in between, we can say it has been one amazing winter. Well, here are some pictures of our trip. Hope you enjoy! 

Grounded Haug

Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Adventure Alert

Greetings to All of our Friends, Family and Fellow Hikers,

      Well the title of this blog post says it all. We are taking on a new adventure for the Summer and Fall of this year. We as a family are moving to the high mountains of Colorado. We will be living at 8500 feet  on the border of Colorado and New Mexico. We will be living in the Sangre De Cristo mountains.
      We will be working on a private ranch that ranges from 8000' to above 14,000'. We will be taking out guided hikes through the alpine forests, taking out trail rides on horseback, cooking wild game, jeep tours, elk hunts, fishing trips, farming and putting up hay and lots of hospitality, good food and making memories.We are excited about the new challenges and the new adventures before us.
      On Katlyn's Lyme's disease, we already have Katlyn lined up with Lyme's doctors. She will be starting a natural treatment of herbs and vitamins and immune boosters. Please continue to pray for her and of course all of our family.We will be posting weekly updates and stories of what we have been doing.We hope that we will be a witness to all we meet. This is new territory for us and we can not wait for this adventure to start. Please stay tuned and watch for updates and photos of this upcoming part of backpacking believers.
      Please continue to pray for our family. If you want to learn more about where we are going or what we are doing please call or email us.

We love you All,

Jennifer "GentleFir"

Backpacking Believers

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lyme's and Loved Ones...Our Katlyn; Backpacking KatyDid

    It has been hard watching our daughter who has always been active and smiling go through the harsh struggles of Lyme’s Disease. When she was 8 years old and we were in the mission field working at SIFAT in Alabama, she was bitten by a tick then and was very sick. Then doctors in Alabama said there was no such thing as Lyme’s Disease in our area and that she had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which is another form of tick disease. We now have learned that she may have contracted Lyme’s then and was misdiagnosed. We have been to many doctors since Katlyn was bitten in Ohio on our walk across America, in July of 2014 during another mission trip. It seems as though when people are trying to step out on faith and spread the words of the Lord to others, satan is there ready and waiting to attack, to destroy and even to try to break you and stop you. Our family and our daughter have overcome his attacks and it has only strengthened our faith in God. We will not be stopped or defeated.
    I have watched our daughter go from waking up singing to waking up crying some days. I have watched her walk 25 miles up and over mountains and conquer them to some days not being able to walk around a ¼ mile track in the park without having to sit on a park bench and rest. This breaks my heart and it makes me feel helpless. Anyone who is a parent can relate to how this feels. We are working hard at trying to find the answers and the right treatments for, Katlyn. This for now is our new walk, a walk for a cure for Katlyn.
     We have been to the best hospitals in Texas and have seen great doctors but no results. Katlyn has been in and out of the E.R. every month since completing our mission walk. She has had tons of lab work, x rays, EKG, echo cardio grams, fluids, spinal tap/ lumbar puncture, soon physical therapy, antibiotic therapy and much more. All of this and much more only to find out that insurance will not cover the treatments that the Infectious Disease Specialist says she needs next. Insurance will not pay for Lyme’s Treatments of any kind, anywhere in the world. We have been researching different states and even different countries for a cure. We need your prayers and your support for Katlyn.
     She had dreams of hiking a Grand Slam, this is when you hike all of the major trails. She wanted to hike the A.T., P.C.T., C.D.T. and the one we just finished. Only a handful of people have ever done this. She is currently the youngest in the world to have completed the America Discovery Trail. I believe in our daughter, she has hopes and dreams and I believe that this is a way and if it is God’s will she will complete her dream. Katlyn is an inspiration to so many people young and old. Her smile lights up the world and brightens the faces of the hurt and the lost. She is a mighty warrior of our Lord, Jesus Christ. She is strong and bright. She is our heart and love. She is a child of God.
     Lyme’s Disease is devastating to all who have it and to the ones that love them. Lyme’s Disease is still that, just a disease. We believe in Jesus and we have faith that He will find a cure and that He is the cure for all sickness. We will not let satan break us down. Katlyn; when she found out she got Lyme’s, she continued her walk in Love. Katlyn was strong and said that she was not going to let a little parasitic tick stop her from sharing the Love of Jesus to everyone. So, she didn’t, she made it and won and she will again.
     We together will beat this disease. We will win for Katlyn! We will win for others just like Katlyn. We need your prayers and support as we go forward with this race and walk in our future. We will be posting updates on treatments and even expenses needed and so on. We will be posting education and Lyme’s information for all of you so you can protect yourselves and your family form this disease. Katlyn is still strong, beautiful and a light to the world and to all she meets.
 Thank you for your prayers and support for our daughter; Katlyn, Backpacking KatyDid.
     We love you ALL!

His Servant,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

From A Wilderness Serenity to A Concrete Jungle......

    It has been some time since we have written an update on where we are and what we have been up to since completing our walk in Love. We are sorry that we have been so busy that we have not kept everyone up to date. So here is why we have been so busy.
    A couple of weeks before we completed our Walk in Love across America we spoke with a dear friend of ours on the phone and was informed they had stage 4 cancer and would be going to Houston, Texas for treatments. This was a hard thing to receive, as it would be for anyone hearing this news about someone they know or care about. We continued our walk in love and continued to pray for the Lord’s guidance. When we completed our walk in Denver, Colorado, we drove to Nebraska to spend time with our family and to regroup with reality and life off the trail. What a large adjustment our lives were getting ready to go through. Wow, How quickly life changes!                                                                                   
     One would think that one would be excited to be back in a warm or cool house with a bed and running water at the touch of your fingers. One would think that sleeping in with no plans for the day would be wonderful, but is it really? Life for us has been a hard adjustment. When you are out on a long walk, long trail or mission trip it changes you in many ways. On the walk we would wake up and pack up our entire house and move each day. We would see new places and meet new people daily and we had to rely completely on God for guidance and the strength to just walk. In life now you live going through the motions of a work routine or daily schedule, same routine different day. You do not have to have a strong faith just to make another step up a mountain. You need faith to get through the day but not like the kind of sold out faith where all you have is God to help you make another step, to guide you with His word to tell someone that does not know Him the right scriptures to lead them. Here in this life we are in now we get up, make breakfast, dishes, routine, work, children, school etc.Our life then was grab a cold Cliff bar with no taste and eat for survival, hot water with no ice, and walk to an unknown new place and talk to strangers along the way and pray and talk to God for direction, complete direction in your life. We walked in all weather conditions, no matter what. We had God and each other and HE cared for us daily. We did not care for ourselves daily, God cared for us and met our needs.
       We are now in Houston, Texas taking care of our friend with cancer, I mentioned early. We have gone from the serenity quietness of the wilderness to a concrete jungle. We have moved to the middle of 6.5 million people whom are all in a huge hurry blowing their horns and have no patience. You have to wait in lines at the grocery stores just to look at the lettuce for a salad. It has been a stressful change on our family and we have learned even more about our own relationship with God and people. We are here cooking for our friend and going back and forth to chemo treatments and on the side we are talking to all of the homeless here .and all of the different kinds of people .We are biking around 20 miles a day for exercise through this concrete jungle while trying not to get run over by a car. We are still sharing the Love of Jesus with all we meet, homeless or not, cancer patients or not, impatient people and friendly people. It has been difficult adjusting for us to “NORMAL” life but we miss the “NOT SO NORMAL” life daily. Our walk in the wilderness of NOT knowing what is next around the corner.
     Please continue to pray for us and we are continuing to pray for ALL of you and Thank you ALL for your help along our walk. We have had our own setbacks lately and have been dealing with those as they come. Katlyn and her Lyme’s Disease has been a huge issue in her life and ours. She needs everyone’s prayers and help for her treatments. Encouraging words and thoughtful calls and prayers would be greatly received. The Lyme’s has taken a hard toll on her physically and emotionally. It is hard for us to watch the youngest in the World to walk across America on the ADT and now be in pain and fight sickness from a little tick. We will post more about her treatments and updates on her health. As well as on Lyme’s disease itself and what we are doing in the future.
 Please keep us ALL in your thoughts and prayers. We love you ALL dearly.

In Christian Love,

Jennifer “GentleFir”

Backpacking Believers